About our College

In the year 1952, the first proposal for establishing a college came from...
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College Crest

The Crest epitomizes ancient tradition and modern ideas. It comprises four...
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Welcome to Nayagarh Autonomous College

The erstwhile Princely State of Nayagarh occupied a prominent place in the Freedom Movement of India for its bloody Struggle against the British rule. After being liberated from the Royal Shackles, it joined the national political mainstream in 1948 a year after the independence of our country. Subsequently, along with three other neigbouring princely states, Nayagarh (now a district) formed a part of Puri district as a sub-division in the state of Orissa. In the receding tide of colonial hang-over when the era of Reconstruction of Indian Nation began under the dynamic leadership of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the people of Nayagarh just liberated from the princely shackles, were not lagging behind. They could very well read the national meaning of the new spirit and felt an urge to establish an institution for higher education.

College Library

The college Library has a total stock of 35,139 books (under Graduate and Higher Secondary) including 16,309 reference books and 4,910 books in the Book Bank...
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Goals & Objectives

Upholding and preserving the cultural heritage. Fostering a sense of unity and integrity. Total personality development through a holistic approach...
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